Rail Customer and Public Assistance

How To Seek Assistance

As part of the Surface Transportation Board's (STB) effort to allow the public informal access to agency staff, and to expand the opportunity for private sector resolution of railroad service related issues, in November 2000 the STB's Rail Consumer Assistance Program was established. This program provides the shipping public with access to informal assistance with any type of rail service related transportation problem, is administered by the STB's Office of Public Assistance, Governmental Affairs and Compliance (OPAGAC), is nationwide in scope, and allows anyone with a problem involving a railroad subject to the STB's jurisdiction to contact us informally. This program benefits the public by placing their concerns immediately before the involved railroad, which facilitates a prompt response and provides the opportunity for a private sector resolution. Being informal, this process is less burdensome for either party than a formal proceeding, conserves the STB's resources, and provides parties the opportunity to resolve their issues in an environment that will produce the most satisfactory, timely, and cost-effective result. That is not to say that every concern brought to OPAGAC is resolved, only that each issue is responded to promptly. If you would like to submit a Rail Customer and Public Assistance Complaint at this time, please refer to our
Rail Customer and Public Assistance page and submit the form.

Anyone with a rail service related concern may contact OPAGAC by filling out the easy-to-use
Rail Customer and Public Assistance page with a complete description of their complaint. We may also be reached by calling our toll-free number (1-202-245-0350); by direct e-mail using railcustomerandpublicassistance@stb.dot.gov; or by fax at (202-245-0462). All inquiries received by OPAGAC through this program are handled directly with the involved railroad, usually within four hours of receipt.