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Key Cases: Surface Transportation Board Oversight and Monitoring of the CN Acquisition of EJ&E

By application filed on October 30, 2007, Canadian National Railway Company (CN) and Grand Trunk Corporation (GTC) (together, CN) sought approval from the Surface Transportation Board (Board) for the acquisition of control by CN of Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway Company ( EJ&E).

The Board approved on December 24, 2008 (in Decision No. 16 ) the acquisition of the EJ&E by CN subject to numerous oversight and monitoring conditions listed in Appendix A to that Decision. The decision was effective on January 23, 2009. In reaching this decision, the Board balanced both the transportation-related aspects of this transaction and the potential environmental impacts.

The Board conducted an extensive environmental review, and issued a Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statement analyzing the beneficial and adverse impacts associated with this transaction; and documenting in the substantial environmental record. C opies of the entire Draft (issued July 25, 2008) and Final EIS (issued December 5, 2008) are available on the Board’s website under E-LIBRAY, Decisions and Notices and on the Board’s Oversight and Monitoring of the CN Acquisition of EJ&E Web site (

The Board established a formal 5-year oversight and monitoring period as a condition of the Board’s approval of this transaction. This oversight condition is intended to provide an effective mechanism for quickly identifying and addressing any operational or environmental concerns that may arise during the 3-year implementation phase, and the 2-year period following the full implementation of the operating plan. The Board retains jurisdiction to impose additional conditions and take other action if, and to the extent, the Board determines it is necessary to address matters related to operations or environmental mitigation.

Beginning April 10, 2009, CN is required to file detailed monthly operational reports to allow the Board to closely monitor CN operations; and quarterly environmental reports so that the Board can examine how mitigation requirements are being implemented, and determine whether these efforts are effective and in compliance with the terms of the acquisition. The monthly and quarterly reports are available on the Board's Oversight and Monitoring of the CN Web site


Comments on the reports may be submitted to the Board in written, oral, or electronic form. Oral comments can be recorded on the Board’s toll-free hotline at 1-800-347-0689. Electronic comments may be submitted on-line at under E-Filing.

All comments should reference STB Finance Docket Number 35087.

Written comments on the Quarterly Environmental Reports can be mailed to:

  Phillis Johnson-Ball
  Surface Transportation Board
  395 E Streets SW
  Washington , DC 20423


Written comments on the Monthly Operational Reports can be mailed to:

  Lucille Marvin
  Surface Transportation Board
  395 E Streets SW
  Washington , DC 20423