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The Surface Transportation Board (STB) makes available on its Web site various monitoring and other reports, environmental-related information, and correspondence concerning recent railroad mergers. Data concerning past mergers may be found in Merger Data Archives.

In 2001, the STB approved new rules to be used in reviewing merger proposals. Documents pertinent to those rules may be found in the case entitled Major Rail Consolidation Procedures, STB Ex Parte 582 (Sub-No. 1).

Burlington Northern-Canadian National (proposed in 1999 but not filed with the STB)

Letters regarding the proposed merger of the "Burlington Northern" and "Canadian National' railroad systems (in the proceeding entitled Canadian National Railway Company, Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated, Illinois Central Railroad Company, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation, and The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company--Common Control, STB Finance Docket No. 33842) and the future restructuring of the rail industry (in the proceeding numbered STB Ex Parte No. 582) may be found in Merger Data Archives.

Conrail Acquisition

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